Beijing Overseas Property &Immigration Exhibition will be held on November 27

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American investment immigration policy tightening

The 6th Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition (OPIE) will be held on Nov.27-29,2015 in Beijing Legendale Hotel. As Asia's most professional and comprehensive exhibition, OPIE attracts hundreds of real estate items from more than 30 countries. OPIE has been regarded as the best exhibiting platform by overseas exhibitors.

Last OPIE attracted hundreds of real estate projects from more than 30 countries, such as USA, Australia, New ZeaLand,UK, Germany, Italy, Spaim, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka,Saint Kitts etc. There were 25000 high-net worth visitors during three days. Concurrent Seminars are highly focused by media and professional visitors. More than 30 seminars were held during three days, and each seminar attracted hundreds of professional visitors attending.

The 6th OPIE set up a unique zone for American EB5 projects which will supply more convenient choices for investors. American property and immigration projects have been very popular. There were many interested investors at previous expo. General Chinese investors more like property projects, while a small number of investors like operating projects, such as restaurant and hotel etc. Actually, hotel is an important part of property.

It is learned that American EB-5 Regional center plan is in renewed situation after 3 years and will be possibly delayed to December 11. It is predicted that the price of American investment immigration would increase. It was reported that the minimum investment volume would be increased to 800 thousand dollars from 500 thousand dollars, which represented the bar of American investment immigration raised. Changes are mainly focused on visa volume, investment volume and the processing time of USCIS.

Based on the OPIE exhibitors’ introduction, It has been 10 years since EB-5 entered the China market and the immigration enthusiasm of national people is still high. The amount of investment immigration families is increased from 300 in 2005 to 3000 in 2011.10000 visas were used up in 2014, and the year of 2015 saw the first visa bulletin. Industry analysts thought 500 dollars investment volume in American investment immigration regional center plan had not been changed. However, main immigration destination countries are raising the bar now, the price of American investment immigration increasing is an irresistible trend.