Beijing Overseas Property &Immigration Exhibition will be held on November

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Signing rate up to 95%

The 6th Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition (OPIE) will be held on Nov.27-29,2015 in Beijing Legendale Hotel. OPIE is organized by Zhenwei Exhibition Group. As Asia's the most professional and influential exhibition, there will be hundreds of superior projects from more than 30 countries unveiled at the OPIE. OPIE has become the best promoting platform for overseas property exhibitors.

At present, some exhibitors from USA, Australia, UK, Spain, Portugal etc had registered, and old exhibitors are holding a very positive attitude for registering for OPIE. According to the organizer’s statistics, 95% exhibitors signed contracts during exhibiting and built very closed business relationship with some agents. OPIE is highly appraised by industry delegates.

Last OPIE attracted hundreds of real estate projects from more than 30 countries, such as USA, Australia, New ZeaLand,UK, Germany, Italy, Spaim, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka,Saint Kitts etc. There were 25000 high-net worth visitors during three days. Concurrent Seminars are highly focused by media and professional visitors. More than 30 seminars were held during three days, and each seminar attracted hundreds of professional visitors attending.

As the organizer, CCOIC is the biggest chamber of commerce organization and China’s the highest international business organization, gathering most famous enterprises from both home and abroad. CCOIC will invite entrepreneurs and successful people on a national scale to come to OPIE. Moreover, CCOIC is also sending invitation to worldwide famous enterprises. It is dedicated to provide a grand supply and demand meeting for all participators.

Zhenwei Exhibition founded in 2000. It was evaluated as one of the top ten influential exhibition organizations of China In 2006. Zhen Wei Group was selected as one of the top ten exhibition companies in 2007. It was evaluated as an exhibition company having the most development potential in China in 2008. Zhenwei Exhibition is the Deputy-Chairman Enterprise of China Convention & Exhibition Society and has been a member of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)In recent 10 years, Zhenwei has included five corporations, Guangdong ZhenWei Guozhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd., Shaanxi Zhenwei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. and Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Co.,Ltd. We specialize in exhibition industry, communication industry and information industry and e-commerce. Zhenwei Exhibition organizes more than 40 international exhibitions each year; More than 20 conferences and forums; About 30 overseas exhibitions and joint exhibitions.

OPIE executes targeted invitation scheme. We utilize well-known domestic hotels, clubs, security firms, airlines and professional industrial media to attract targeted audience to guarantee the professionalism and privacy of OPIE. OPIE is dedicated to build a social feast for elite group who are pursuing for the high-quality life.